50 Miles To Somewhere…and Back Again?

We came up with our own version of the 500 miles to nowhere vol bivouac film, since one of the favorite pastimes of most kiwis is making fun of Americans. But in the end they’re all good chaps and Gavin McClurg (USA2) and Nick and Louis from Team New Zealand had a great few days together exploring the German / Austrian part of the 2015 xalps route. On the final day we took off from the so named “Wank” launch near Zugspitze and headed east. Luckily I had the idea of turning around and going back, since it’s a long drive (let alone hitchhike) – and I squeaked in to land in the car park just before dark. A fantastic finish (until the dog pissed on my wing, anyway…) and some amazing scenery that I’m looking forward to flying again.

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