We (Nick and Louis) are a couple of passionate paraglider pilots from New Zealand (Kiwis) who are competing and exploring the world. In some circles “Nomad” is often used as a dirty word, in ours it’s the badge of acceptance that life can be lived differently. It’s what this blog is all about and we hope to share our passion for paragliding, travel and paraglide gear research in a way that is authentic and independent.

In the short term, this website will be the focal point for Nicks 2015 X-Alps race, because he doesn’t want to pollute his existing Sharemyjoys blog with smelly socks, sponsors and cans of Red Bull. Longer term expect to see content about Kiwis competing and traveling internationally, paragliding gear, NZ as a paragliding destination and also the low down on places we travel to. We are open to other Kiwis contributing to this website so drop us a message if you are keen to be involved.

Louis Tapper- Creator of KiwiParagliding

Louis Tapper profile picture
Louis Tapper- Profile picture

Bio-X-Alps supporter, adventure kitesufer and paraglide addict

I am a relative newcomer (2011) to the paragliding scene but have progressed fast winning the Leo Gary award in 2013. I love a challenge and am also passionate about weather forecasting, solving problems, the NZ paraglide community and doing things that either haven’t been done before or not thought possible. My day job is consulting in the information technology security space, with a specialisation in mobile/tablet architecture and security. The risk management skills I have developed during my day job are constantly being tested while paragliding.

The journey into cross country paragliding has included competitive swimming, surf lifesaving, waterpolo, running (ranked second in steeplechase NZ), ski instructing, whitewater kayaking, kitesurfing, snow kiting and a degree in Physical Education (Otago University). Snow kiting in knee deep powder is currently the only thing that tops the freedom and experience of paragliding.

Having traversed the notoriously dangerous Cook Strait in 2008 I decided to kitesurf 260km from Auckland to the Bay of Islands in yachting’s 2009 Coastal Classic. The Coastal classic was however a warm up for completing the worlds the longest kitesurfing journey, sailing 2000km up the coast of Brazil. The manner and style of the journey was important to me so I decided to complete this solo with only one kite and a 35l backback. I am not updating the following blog anymore but you can find more about my kiting and kayaking adventures on the following site; https://yakernz10.wordpress.com

Nick Neynens

Nick Neynens paragliding
Nick Neynens Paragliding

Bio– X-Alps competitor, NZ record holder and global nomadic adventurer

I was born in New Zealand in 1982 and have lived most of my life in Australia. I have an engineering degree and have worked in places ranging from tropical islands on the Great Barrier Reef to Antarctica. Tramping and mountaineering were my gateway into learning to fly paragliders in 2007. Later that year I had my first flight in the mountains near my family home in Glenorchy, New Zealand. I have travelled and flown in Europe and more remote locations throughout the world but always look forward to returning to the Southern Alps for its untouched rugged beauty.

Recent highlights leading up to the X-Alps competition have included;

More about me and my paragliding adventures can be found on my ShareMyPains Blog.

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