Vol Piscine

You may have heard of Vol Biv (fly and hike) well this is a fun take on the theme and can turn your local paragliding spot into an epic adventure. Fly and swimming pool- Paraglide to your local swimming pool and share the experience.

An international team of Paragliders came together for a world first (that we know about) Vol Piscine competition in Sopot, Bulgaria. If you are new to this sport, check out the video from this epic race!

We hope you will share your own Vol Piscine experiences with us at the Vol Piscine Facebook group. Let’s take this new sport to the next level!

Vol Piscine

The rules are simple, tag as many swimming pools while paragliding. Points for each swimming pool are calculated on their distance from launch eg 50km = 50 points. Double points are awarded for landing and doing a lap in the pool, but only one relaunch is permitted per day. Bonus points are awarded for documenting the experience in a creative and entertaining way.

Piscine Hunting



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